Laboratory of cellular hemostasis and thrombosis in Rogachev Center for Hematology (our main "wet" lab) :

Biophysics lab at the Lomonosovsky building in Lomonosov Moscow State University (our second "wet" lab, room G5-74)

Our "dry" lab people are working 24/7 where they like but could be found at:

Lomonosov MSU, Faculty of Physics, Departments of Biophysics and Medical Physics

As a part of Fazly Ataullakhanov team, we can be found online here and here

About us (in Russian)

1. 2016 Science Daily: To stop the bleeding, the platelet have to 'die'

2. 2016 В МГУ открыли механизм запрограммированной клеточной смерти тромбоцитов 

3. 2015 Laboratory of celluar hemostasis

4. 2015 Platelet "coats" are actually "caps":«шубы»-на-тромбоцитах-оказались-«шапками»-выяснили-ученые

5. Biophysicists modeled thrombus growth in arterioles:

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